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Quantum Energy Coaching

Quantum Energy Coaching

With QEC it has become easier than ever before to vocalize and actualize your new positive choices, desires and changes, in any area of your life.

QEC prompts the structure of your brain to renew its nerve connections.

This happens by inducing Gamma waves, and allowing the brain to move into a

Peak State, also called Superlearning.

The installations of your new positive choices can now easily take place, and will be supported by your renewed brain structure onwards.

To verify each successful installation, we can use muscle testing.

How can QEC be helpful in your life?

QEC opens an easy possibility for creating positive changes in any area of your life.

Lately it has been discovered, that QEC has the potential to permanently heal trauma, crisis and addictions, along with certain medical conditions.

With QEC, you are handed a magic stick for creating your future life.

If you could tap your magic stick, what would you ask for?

Try QEC for yourself!

Feel free to contact GaiaPrem for more info.

Or have a chat, about the possibilities QEC can open up for in your life, right now!

Clients say:

The session with AnneGaia had for me a clear cut impact
on a specific issue I was personally working on. The day after the session the issue became transparent in front of my eyes and I could still feel the emotions and feeling connected to it but there was a clear vision space to it. Beautiful work!!

Thanks to AnneGaia, my life is extraordinary changed and now and I even became a QEC Practitioner too! 
She has been my light at the end of the tunnel helping me with QEC to see the opportunity for a better future when I was in the middle of a crisis during the covid19, when I lost the job, and I was doubting on my life choices.
Thank You, AnneGaia from the bottom of my heart.
Giorgia Constatino, Zurich, Schwizerland

AnneGaia is incredibly competent, and I have felt in safe hands from beginning to end.
She has been supporting and respectful. She has made use of a broad spectrum of psycho-spiritual tools in her work with the healing of intergenerational traumas.
QEC is an effective and gentle method, which I can warmly recommend!
Roberta Montanari

A typical QEC session: 
Tell me about your state of being right now. 
You may be going trough a crisis, struggeling with addictions, medical conditions, traumas, problems in your family life, relations, work, ups and downs, desires and wishes, unresolved conflicts, difficult decisions to make, or anything that is an obstacle for your joy, positivity and health. 
Then lets clarity the desired outcome for our meetings.  

Perhaps you are already aware of conditions and beliefs, that are no longer serving you. 
In addition, we will, in our conversation, spot precisely the elements, that are holding any obstacles or pain in place.  Oftentimes it is rooted in trauma.
In any case, it can all easily be changed with QEC.

With this, we are ready to create sentences stating your wishes and new positive choices, and install them, one by one.
We can do muscletesting of each statement's successful installment, as we move along. 

You will be fully awake and conscious throughout the entire session.
Nothing can be "installed" into your brain, unless it corresponds with your deepest and thrue wishes.

With QEC, you wont have to come and see me again and again.  Typically you will be done within few months, depending on the kind og issue you would like to change.
For trauma, addictions and crisis'es we will probably need 8-12 sessions. 
Ideally we meet once a week.
Please be prepared for a bit of homework in connection with our meetings. 
It is recommended to start out with the 4-session package deal, and prolong with one or two more packages. Each session is 90 min.


QEC is well suited for online sessions, via Zoom. 
I am fully confident to ensure you, that together we can create a safe space of full intimacy on Zoom.
If you are new to Zoom you will of course be given sufficient guidance for using this platform.

Pricing for online sessions, 90 min. each. 
(The prices in brackets are only for Indian Nationals) 

5-session package deal:
420 €  (37500 inr.)

Single session:
120 €  (10700 inr)

Sessions in person:
Ask for a possibility to have in-person sessions against an additional fee.

The origin of QEC
QEC was created by Dr. Melanie Salmon
, and with inspiration from Gestalt, Heart Math, Cohesive Breathing, Peak States and Superlearning.