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Tibetansk Pulserings Healing.
Den tidligere hemmeligholdte viden fra de gamle Tibetanske klostre, "Tibetansk Pulserings Healing".
Modalet indeholder en universel viden om kroppen, de 24 organers elektriske kredsløb samt indflydelse på psyken og nervesystemet.
I det individuelle mikrounivers kan disse strukturer aflæses i øjnenes Iris strukturer. I makrouniverset gentages det i alle sammenhænge, ikke mindst med den særlige tidsregning det indeholder.
Uddannet på alle niveauer af late Shantam Dheeraj (USA).Tibetan Pulsing is a

Who is Tibetan Pulsing for?

Whether you have done a lot of self discovery work or are just curious to start,

then it is possible to allow this technique to work on a very deep level on you.

It is for anyone with an interest and willingness to explore the way emotion manifests

in the body, and the impact this has on our health and how we feel.......or how we don't feel.

Feelings connect us to life.

For anyone with issues around touch, or nourishment, or who have reached a stuck place in their life.

Or who sense, their health issues may have an underlying emotional cause, or who are stressed and physically tense.

Or who are into prevention is better than cure and want to clear the past.

Excellent for practitioners, therapists and health professionals, in related fields...this work

offers special insight into an organic psychological framework, which is a unique diagnostic tool.

To recognise the organic aspects of ourselves as our subconscious and the behavioural patterns and emotional effects on the physical body.

This work began with people in the creative arts and is wonderful for boosting creativity.

For film producers, script writers, artists, musicians, dancers etc.

Especially for people who want some time IN, with themselves, to relax, refocus and re-energise,

ME time. For couples who are interested in tantra or wish to open up to more intimacy.

How does Tibetan Pulsing differ from other forms of bodywork?

Through the technique of the 'pulsebeat' and bodywork positions. It is undoubtedly a unique and powerful

process that you can only experience. Some things cannot be put into words.

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