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Body, meditation and nature

Treating yourself and your body to a timeout for meditation and healing. With the season presenting its many colors and moods in nature surroundings of utmost beauty.   

It has been emphasized that the Retreat takes place in surroundings which in itself facilitate calmness for both the body and the mind.
There will be plenty of time to rest or enjoy walks on our own.

In the program.
Retreats happening outside Denmark will be guided in English.

The TRE Method
(Trauma Stress Release Excercises)

Learn to use the TRE exercises correct. Allowing your body’s response and enjoying the healing results, that will typically show up right away. The TRE Method was created by Dr. David Berceli (USA) as a non-invasive and gentle method for allowing the body to release tension and stress.

To increase relaxation in both mind and body, we will be using the TRE method every morning.
With TRE, the release of tension takes place on all levels, even in the most subtle layers, allowing us to experience a sharpened sense of connectivity, together with an invitation for meditation, arising deep inside.


Silent evening meditations:  Guided or gently active, such as toning.

Silent meditative nature walks.
The focus of the afternoon activities is directed towards the Silent Walks. This meditation offers opportunities for discovering new layers of awareness and receptivity.  

Preparation Sessions:
To heighten your experience during the Silent Walks, the preparation sessions provide exercises and tools for a sharpened perception of the trees, animals, plants and stones, and the energies contributed. 

Bio Energy Shaking.
A simple and joy filled active meditation, Ratu Bagus style.
Bio Energy Shaking creates an eminent energyboost and is easy and safe to apply whenever you like back home in your everyday life.

Body awareness exercises.
A preparation for the TRE Exercises. Discovering the center of your basic power.
Learning to communicate with your body and perceiving its subtle signals. 

Mindfulness and work.
Little housekeeping tasks, as our “work meditation”.
Such as preparing for meals, dishes, and cleaning up tasks.

The program is subject to minor changes.

Early Bird: Book one month in advance with a deposit to participate at the discount price. The balance should be paid 14 days in advance. See the details with each posting.
Book soon, the arrangement is restricted to a rather limited number of participants.
Your payment includes lodge and board.
Lodge: 3 nights in a single room.
Meals: Mainly lacto-vegetarian, which contains animal products, but not flesh.   Vegan or glutenfree?  Let me know when you book, and together we will find your comfortable solution.


The Retreat is conducted by Holistic Psychotherapist, Certified TRE Provider, Ageha Prem.

Ageha Prem’s background and inspiration for the Retreat is 40 years of experience in meditation, energywork, body- and psychotherapy, seminars and sessions, along with 10 years experience as certified TRE provider.  

More about Ageha Prem:


Previous participants: 

Woman, musician and teacher, 37 years, Malmö:
It was a very beautiful weekend, and a great contribution to me. How awesome, that is now possible to continue with the TRE Exercises at home. I am taking home with me so many precious tools!
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!

Social teacher and mother of 2, South Jutland, Denmark:
After the Retreat and my follow up supervision with you, I had so much energy and overflow! Even people in my surroundings were commenting on it!
The body feels great, none of the usual pains!

K.L. . Sønderborg, Denmark
Hello Ageha! Thank you so much for a cosy and giving weekend!I am sure I got a huge take-away with the TRE Exercises, - just completed a round now, and it feels great and light in the Body and mind. Feeling encouraged for the future, which I haven’t felt for long. So thank you for that.
Soo happy that I found the wonderful spot in the forest where the Retreat was taking place.Now I will recommend you to both friends and family!


Upcoming retreatsse the Calender. 

Skåne, Mattarp.  August 19-22
Very limited space.
The retreat is conducted in English.
Early Bird: 460 €.  Book with deposit, 230 €, latest on Monday July 19’th and the balance 2 weeks before start.   
Price after July 19’th:  530 €.
Your payment includes 3 days of board / lodge, single room.  

Als, Nygaard, October 7-10
Early Bird 460 €.
Book with deposit 320 € before Sept 7’th and transfer the balance 2 weeks before start.   
After Sept. 7th: 530 €
Your payment includes 3 days of board / lodge, single room.
This Retreat is conducted in Danish.

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