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Trauma Recovery Exercises
, by Dr. David Berceli.

Your best results begin with professional guidance.

The TRE Basis package is created to ensure you an easy and enjoyable TRE upstart, at a discount price.
Over 5-10 weeks we will meet for your 5 sessions. 
Results typically show up as of day one.

The TRE package will provide you with:

  • Coaching for enjoying TRE as one of your daily routines.
  • Homework for optimizing your results.
  • QEC coaching for voicing and manifesting your new positive choices.
  • Possibility for correspondence with me between our meetings.
  • Resumé sheet with the exercises, discriptions and photos.
  • Video recording of your session at your disposition for one week. 

Why the TRE package? 
Wether you are totally new, or already have been trying out the TRE Exercises via Youtube instructions, the TRE package is suitable for you.  
TRE is so much more than seven exercises, and can touch you at your very core. 
This also means, that your startup phase with TRE could at some point pose its challenges.
As a TRE Provider, I have observed TRE being discarded before the greater results have had a chance to show up. This could easily have been avoided. 

Your body knows everything and it has access to every memory from your life. Including incidents, which you could have forgotten or repressed. 
When applying TRE, the body eventually works its way into subtler layers, where chocks, trauma, injuries and other stress factors could have left their imprints.
Such areas are typically locked away from your flow of power and consciousness, - a state that could be referred to as a block, and has a negative impact on your general wellbeing and energy level.
However with the TRE process, repressed memories and feelings are likely to make their way actoss the conscious mind, before they are set free, forever.
Especially at this point, skilled support and encouragement to stay focused could be crucial for your optimal results. Read more

Your sessions. 
In our first meeting you will be guided trough each of the TRE excersises, and the response phase of the body, for optimal safety and results.
The entire session should be perceived as pleasure, relaxation and wellness.
Each exercise can be modified to suit you and your body's comfort. 

The following TRE meetings are supervisions, to top tune the exercises, your body’s response patterns and for calibration of your home practicing. 

One of our meetings is a QEC session (Read more)
With QEC we can install positive choices for your new future, allowing them to show up, just as desired.  

Your TRE package is normally completed over 2-3 months .
We meet with the intervals, that suit you.

Online TRE sessions, 90 min

Single session, 120€

TRE package, 460€
90 min: TRE startup

60 min: TRE supervision
60 min: TRE supervision
90 min: QEC (Therapeutic conversation)
60 min: TRE supervision       

Feel free to make  inquiries for availability and additional fee for couple sessions as well as sessions in person. 

Zoom sessions with TRE and QEC work well. I am confident to recommend it with its several upsides; cheaper and more flexible. 
Together we can easily create a safe space of intimacy on Zoom. 

Client’s reports:

…First of all, I was amazed how well my TRE session worked on Zoom.
With TRE, I felt as though my body was carefully reconnecting with my mind, and that I was able to experience reinhabiting this physical vessel, that I’ve struggled to fully accept as mine to use in this physical incarnation.
Also an amazing release of energy through my feminine parts ... it felt warm, relaxing and grounding.
Sophie Amat, Entrepreneur, Western Australia.

...I have had the great pleasure of following GaiaPrem’s refined guidance in TRE.
I bought and online session series happening on Zoom. Everything worked perfect. GaiaPrem sent me the links and I was provided with a well thought out and planned process.

GaiaPrem is the sweetest and warmest woman, with a big open heart. She is yearning to provide her knowledge about the body and mind in this context.
She was absolutely open to leaving me to evaluate the timespan between our meetings. She allowed for our QEC sessions to take place over two shorter meetings, rather than in one longer session, to absolutely match my personal needs.

With learning to use TRE, I am taking the following away with me:
More calmness in my nervous system.
A greater degree of calm and wellbeing, psychological as well as physically.
Improved sleep at night.
Greater knowledge of my body and it’s signals.
Having acquired a clear sense of tightening up, as opposed to whenever my muscles are relaxed.

My Online TRE series has just completed now, beginning May 2021.
I am practicing TRE several times a week, and it is doing me a lot of good.
For me personally, TRE is something that I intend to continue on my own.
I have been feeling so safe and good about it after having been “under GaiaPrem’s wings”.
With lots of love!
Mette Stübert, Horsens, Denmark.


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