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AnneGaia means "Our Blessed Mother Earth".

I have spent a substantial part of my adult life in India, immersed in meditation, music and trainings for therapeutic skills, as well as for my personal, spiritual and conscious evolution. 

My work 
Only when we apply kindness and respect can we invite and receive the innate selfhealing abilities of the body and mind.
This is when the wisdom of the body and the magic of the human spirit shows up for us. 
This is when we start seeing results emerging, beyond our expectation and imagination. 


Quantum Energy Coaching
May 2018 - November 2022

QEC practitioner,
QEC for trauma, crisis and addiction
QEC for medical conditions

TRE, Certified Advanced Provider
2010 - 2013

Cert. TRE provider 
Trained and certified by Dr. David Berecli in Psychotherapeutic Center, Brovst, Dk. 

Scandinavian School
of Shamanic Studies

Basic Shaman Training
Spirit of the Earth, Training.

Access Consciousnes
2010 - 2015

Bars, Facilitator
Body Process, Facilitator

Talk To The Entities, Facilitator

NLP Practitioner.
OSHO School of Hypnosis

OSHO School of Mysticism
Esoteric Sciences and Clairvoyance

Cert. Provider.

Aura Soma 
Cert. Pracitioner

OSHO School of Healing Arts
Cert. Practitioner in Esoteric Energywork.  

OSHO School of Tibetan Pulsing Healing
Tibetan Pulsing Healing and Tibetan Eye Reading
Cert. Facilitator

Meditation Teacher
Provider of guided meditations, silent sitting and active meditation, including Work-Meditation 

Classical piano.  
Classical Hindustani vocal training
Music for meditation, healing og relaxation
Sound engineer
CD-releases  Fønix Musik

Main sources of inspiration and teachers.  

Rudolf Steiner (RIP)
Gigi Young

Quantum Energy Coaching
TRE for Children
Dr. Melanie Salmon

The School of Remembering
Drunvalo Melchizedek
Susanne Prabhuta (RIP)

Access Consciousness
Gary M. Douglas og Dr. Dain Heer 

Trauma/stress recovery exercises "TRE"
Dr. David Berceli

Tibetan Pulsing Healing and Tibetan Eye Reading
Shantam Dheeraj (RIP)
Susanne Prabhuta (RIP) 

Bio Energy Shaking
Ratu Bagus, Sensei, Bali

Scandinavian School of Shamanistic Studies
Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebach

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