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How does TRE work? 

The Psoas muscle stretches from the middle of the spine trough the pelvis, and attaches to both the femurs. 
The Psoas holds a central position in the muscle structure of the body. Affectionally referred to as the "Seat of The Soul". 
In a situation of danger and the fight/flight system gets activated, it is the Psoas muscle that gets "first impact".
The body has an innate ability to regulate a stress situation.  However, if this is not accomplished, which it rarely is for humans, the Psoas muscle will remain tense and sending stress signaling to the brain. This crates a prolonged and unhealthy state of stress, that must be released in order for wellbeing to be restored. 

The gentle TRE Exercises are designed to reactivate this selfregulating response in the nervous system.  Typically it will evoke a tremoring, starting out from the Psoas muscle, to regulate the stress niveau in the nervous system. 
This response is generated by the reptile brain. It is totally autonomous, just like when the body is cold and tremoring in order to regulate its temperature level. 

The TRE exercises work best when done absolutely gently.
The body should never be pushed or strained. 

Each of the TRE exercises can be modified, to meet individual needs, insuring ease and comfort for any body condition. 

You may find the tremoring response a little surprising in the beginning.  As soon as you relax and let the body do what it is designed for, it is actually quite pleasant and deeply relaxing.

The response that TRE evokes is neurogenic, generated by the reptile brain. It is
not neccessary to talk about traumas or other painful events of the past. 
The wisdom of the body will do all the work for you. 

The results with TRE oftentimes show up as soon as you get started. 
Typically as renewed energy, calmness, and improved sleep pattern and overall wellbeing. Eliminated cronical pains, especially in the back and neck. Improved sexual performance and enjoyment. 

Learning to use TRE, and regular supervisions from a certified TRE Provider is recommende, for your best results

If you are planning to use TRE to relieve a crisis, a trauma or similar, do contact me for a chat about what could be best for you in your situation, as QEC might be a lot more suitable than TRE. 
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