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How does TRE work? 

The Psoas muscle stretches from the middle of the spine trough the pelvis, and attaches to both the femurs. 
The Psoas holds a central position in the muscle structure of the body. Affectionally referred to as the "Seat of The Soul". 

The Psoas gets "first impact" in a situation, where the fight/flight response of the nervous system gets activated. 

The gentle TRE Exercises are designed to reactivate the selfregulating response in the nervous system.  Typically it will begin with a tremoring emerging from the Psoas muscle. 
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The TRE exercises work best when done gently.
The body should never be pushed or strained. 

All the TRE exercises can be modified, to meet individual needs, insuring ease and comfort for bodies in any condition.  

The tremoring response happens automatically. 
To some, this is perhaps a little new and surprising in the beginning. 
Simply allowing the body to do what it is designed for, will soon grant you a pleasant and relaxing experience. 

TRE is a neurogenic process. 
Therefore its not neccessary for you to talk about traumas or other painful events of the past. 
The wisdom of the body will do all the work for you. 

The results with TRE oftentimes show up as soon as you get started: 
Typically as renewed energy, calmness, and improved sleep pattern and overall wellbeing. Eliminated cronical pains, especially in the back and neck. Improved sexual performance and enjoyment. 
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When you feel at ease with using TRE and with your body's responses, you are ready to continue practising TRE on your own, whenever you wish to. 
Regular supervisions from a certified TRE Provider is recommended, for you to optimize your practice for best results. 

OBS: If you are planning to use TRE to relieve fysiological or psychological conditions, such as severe trauma, PTSD, MS, Parkinson's or same leaque, it is strongly recommended that you receive regular supervisions from a certified TRE Provider, especially in your startup phase. 

  "TRE instructions" on Youtube are not recommended; rarely 
posted by certified TRE providers, typically incorrect and lacking important details. 

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