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A new daily method for selfhealing: 

Learn to apply TRE correct in a Workshop.

Like every other mammal, your body has a natural ability to release tension, trauma and general suffering. 

Oftentimes this response gets misunderstood and misplaced by mankind, and is perceived as a wrongness, or even a sign of weakness.   
With this, unfortunately, the body has for long been prevented from fully applying its innate capacity for self-healing: Downregulating stress and releasing tensions on all levels.  

Unreleased trauma and stress will lock into the nervous system and eventually create all kinds of disturbance and disease.

The good news is, that you can activate your Body's selfhealing function quite easily.

The method is called TRE. (Short for Trauma/Tension Release Exercises) 

As the name indicates, TRE uses simple exercises to activate this response from the nervous system. 

Typically it will begin with a gentle tremoring around the pelvis area, eventually spreading into other areas of the body. 

When new to the TRE method, you might perceive these body movements as surprising and perhaps a little strange. However soon it will be felt as a comfortable, quite pleasant and relaxing feeling. 

TRE is a neurogenic function. Therefore it is not necessary to talk about- or to relive traumas and painful events from the past.

All it takes is allowing your body to do precisely that which it is designed for. Lie back, relax and allow your body to surprise you with what it is actually capable of doing for you.

Anyone can benefit from TRE.
Together with releasing tensions, it will sharpen your body awareness, improve sleep patterns, deepen your sexual experiencing / pleasure and restore general wellbeing, -just to mention a few of the most common results.  

In this workshop, you learn to apply the TRE Method correct, with ease and comfort.
After you have completed the workshop, you would be ready to apply TRE on your own, for selfhealing.

The event is facilitated by Danish Body-oriented Psychotherapist og Cert. TRE Provider, Ageha Prem. 

In general, a TRE Workshop can be attended by anybody. 
The method should not imply hard physical strain, and the exercises can be modified to suit variouys body conditions. 


Date: ..........    at 10:00 - 16:00 

price: € 130, including coffee/tea and light snacks during lunch. 

Payment info: TBA

Contact: Ageha Prem

Tel 0045 41282804

E-mail via this link:

Program of the day:


Short presentation of the theory constituting the TRE Method. 

Body awareness exercises.

Two instructional rounds of the TRE exercises and guidance during the response of the Body. 

Guided relaxation processes.  

Round of feedback / questions / answers.

Suggestions and how-to's about applying TRE as your daily routine. 

Plenty of time to just lying back, relaxing and doing nothing. 

If you suffer from MS, Parkinson's TRE has lately been noticed for bringing amazing good results and significant relief.
However you are adviced to contact Ageha Prem prior to booking this workshop, so that together we can insure your best comfort/results in your upstart.
Same goes if you have physical handicaps. 

TRE is generally not adviced for those with a severe heart condition, severe psyciatric diagnosis, undergoing  treatment with chemotherapy, recently operated, or with other cconditions where your doctor has prescribed to currently keeping your body at rest. 

If you have any questions or doubts of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact Ageha Prem and inquire.   

More about TRE:

More about Ageha Prem

The method is created by Dr. David Berceli, USA and presented as TRE, Trauma/Tension Release Exercises.
Dr. David Berceli's website:

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