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The TRE Method

Trauma?   PTSD? 
Tensions and cronic pains? 

Did you know that
your body is capable of healing itself, automatically! 

Welcome to The TRE Method. 

TRE is short for Trauma / Tension Release Excercises.
By Dr. David Berceli, USA.

Your body is designed to free it self from all stress, trauma and tensions. 

This funcion is coming from the ancientmost part of your brain, called the Reptile Brain or The Brain Stem. 

The Reptile Brain takes care of all functions neccessary to keep your body alive, at all times: 
Breath, heartbeat, digestion, immune defense system; in short: Functions that continue working, even when you are asleep. 
If you get cold, your body will tremor to regulate it's temperature. Also it will tremor, to downregulate states of stress, tension or trauma. 

Troughout millenia, this ability to shake off trauma and stress has been an intrinsic part of our nervous system.   
Unfortunately, it has been misunderstood and misplaced as a pathology, rather than the body's efforts to heal itself.

Unreleased trauma and stress will stick to the nervous system, locking the body and psyche into a prolonged and  exhausting constant state of alarm. 

Typically we see insomania, exhaustion, poor health and  irritability as a result.  A tendency to isolation from the surrounding world takes over, leading to depression or even suicide.

Stress og traumer 

Mammals in nature do not suffer from stress, trauma and PTSD.

In a traumatic event, the autonomous part of the nervous system (limbic) builds up survival power adequate to the perceived threat.
This is fully natural. The body is designed to build up sufficient power to either fight or flight, provided that it all gets released again as soon as the danger is over. 

When in the jungle a preyanimal escapes a predator attack,it will immediately find a safer spot. Here it will allow the body to go into a tremor, in order to release the tensions, downregulate the high levels of stress untill the nervous system has calmed down. 
With this, the animal is ready to continue on its paath, fouraging and feeding its offspring, - pretty much as if nothing happened.
The immune system takes care of the scratches and wounds. 

Without allowing this neccessary reliese from the nervous system, neither the preyanimal, nor it's litter would no survive for very long in the wild. 
As an important part of the survival of the species. 

YOUR body holds the same facilities.

We humans have the same possibility as the mammals, for prompt release of traume and stress from the nervous system. 
Unfortunately we judged it as a wrongness and over time gotten too much used to suppress it. 

The TRE Method allows for an easy restart of the release function within the body.  
And the good news is, that it also works in retrospect. 
Read how TRE works HERE

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